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4 Easy Tips for Staying Raw Vegan During Holiday Travel


4 Easy Tips for Staying Raw Vegan During Holiday Travel:

Don’t let holiday travel derail you from your healthy raw food lifestyle!

1. Pack as much raw vegan food as possible in your carry-on backpack. Dates, oranges, apples, and bananas are all wonderful! Choose fruit as calorically dense as available. Carrot & celery sticks travel well, too. If you enjoy soaked/sprouted nuts & seeds, you could pack those foods, as well. Just don’t overload on nuts & seeds because they can leave you feeling heavy. Kale chips, dehydrated veggies, and flax crackers are also excellent.

2. Pre-load with a big meal before leaving. A smoothie packed with nutrition is a great example. Use plenty of fruit in your smoothies to maximize your energy. You could also add some raw vegan protein powder if you like, giving your smoothie long-lasting, filling calories.

3. Don’t be shy about asking restaurants to customize something for you. People love to help! Stay positive. Most airports will at least offer salads, and many cafes or newsstands will offer individual pieces of fruit.

4. Stay hydrated! This is important in order to feel your best and avoid cravings.

Remember you are not alone in your quest to get healthy and stay on track—You’ve got me supporting you. And the more you reach out for help everywhere you go, the more you’re bound to find it.

Yours in delicious heath,

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