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46 Grams of Protein in a Salad?

This delicious salad has 45 grams of clean raw vegan whole-food protein and meets 80% of the RDA for iron. It packs 21 grams of fiber and 68% of the RDA for calcium. It is also cholesterol-free and contains a whopping 142% of the RDA for vitamin C.

That’s a winner in my book!

What’s in it?

Green leaf lettuce (The longer you’re raw, the more lettuce you can eat in one setting. I can eat two heads of lettuce in one salad easily.)
Sprouted peas & beans (Excellent source of protein!)
Hemp seed (Beats eggs in terms of protein & overall healthy fat content.)
Cherry tomatoes

Topped with the following seasonings which I often use instead of fat-based dressings:

Nutritional yeast (Contains protein.)
Chipotle chili powder

Try to incorporate one BIG salad in your diet every day. Doing so will help keep you nourished and full. Many people try a raw food diet and focus too much on dried fruits, oils, or overtly fatty whole foods such as nuts. That can be problematic, leaving you short on important nutrients and lethargic. Abundant fresh vegetables are critical in order to meet your dietary needs for protein, iron, and calcium.


Yours in delicious heath,

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