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Baseball on the 4th of July – How I stay raw vegan at sporting events!


Happy 4th of July!

How’s your holiday going? What have you eaten today? Are you attending any social functions? Don’t let that throw you off your path to your best health!

I spent my day enjoying the great American pastime, baseball!

Do I shove nachos, garlic fries and beer into my face during the game, destroying my health all the while? NO! I always pack something to snack on like organic carrots or grapes.

Raw food has to work for me in the real world, whether I’m traveling, attending a large-scale social activity, or eating out at a restaurant. I’m not a hippie living in a commune meditating before each meal. I’m on the go, I’m impatient, and I don’t accept limitations just because I follow a raw vegan lifestyle.

So get out there and make happy memories during the holidays. Poisoning your body isn’t part of that. Eating charred meats, fatty foods, processed junk, and refined sugars has nothing to do with your identity and no role in enjoying the day. People, places and activities are what’s special. Not hot dogs.

Protect your precious body. Always.

‘Cause baby, YOU’RE a firework!

Yours in radiant health,


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