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Compassion is Fashion: Vegan Lifestyle Spotlight on the Jill Milan Company

Vegan Couture

(Photo credit: Moanalani Jeffrey Photography for Jill Milan)

Compassion is Fashion: Vegan Lifestyle Spotlight on the Jill Milan Company

Plant-based living: It goes far beyond food.

In addition to keeping your precious body fueled with fresh, delicious raw food meals, I believe it’s also important to extend your love and compassion outward in order to make a positive difference in the world around you.

But in the past, if you wanted to blend compassion with fashion, luxury artisan vegan options were non-existent. If you wanted a faux leather purse, you had to go to a big box retailer and purchase something that not only looked cheap, but also fell apart in a short period of time.

What was a vegan fashion-loving consumer to do? Leather designer goods beckoned us to stray from our ideals because we felt we had no viable options in terms of both style and especially durability.

Thankfully, those days when vegan fashion meant low-quality are long gone. We have options. And they are spectacular!

I’m proud and excited to share with you the luxe vegan Italian-crafted designer handbags you’ll find me sporting all around town created by Jill Milan.

Jill Milan Vegan Designer Handbag

(Photo credit: Moanalani Jeffrey Photography for Jill Milan, model: Ellian Raffoul for Look Models)

Founded by Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich, the Jill Milan company produces gorgeous bags that are hand-stitched in Italy, cruelty-free, and sweatshop-free. They appear frequently on the red carpet carried by top celebrities, including at the Oscars.

What’s interesting is that the quality Italian fabrics used to construct their handbags are often more expensive than leather. They are not cheap “lesser-than” products. They are both elegant and extremely durable, rivaling any leather handbag.

Jill Milan Vegan Handbags

(Photo credit: Moanalani Jeffrey Photography for Jill Milan, model: Ellian Raffoul for Look Models)

In my opinion, there is simply no reason for any animal to suffer and die in order for all of us to look and feel beautiful and glamorous. In fact, true glamour comes from a place of love, health, and oneness, if we’re going to get deep. I want women’s fashion to evolve. It’s time.

With outstanding vegan fashion options like Jill Milan arising, we don’t need to feel deprived of luxury, quality, or aesthetics in order to live compassionately. The Jill Milan brand embodies this shift so well, balancing striking design with manufacturing practices that support the environment while also guarding the interests of both humans and animals. What more could a vegan fashionista want?

Jill Milan

(Photo credit: Moanalani Jeffrey Photography for Jill Milan)

And no, I am not endorsed or otherwise paid to say any of this. This is shared out of pure passion and enthusiasm for this phenomenal brand. I’ve been a fan for a long time and it’s a privilege to share this company with you. I carry my Jill Milan bags everywhere and they transition from day to evening seamlessly. They’re so bold, sleek, and beautiful that people often stop me to ask about them.

No longer are brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Prada dominating the world of women’s fashion accessories. Women increasingly want beauty options that match their health and ethics.

How can we go to great lengths to take care of our bodies, then turn our backs on the world we live in? The answer is, we don’t want to.

We want other options, but we don’t want to give up our love of beautiful, quality design. In light of that, it is noteworthy to point out that some of the designers for Jill Milan actually come from those traditional leather-based brands, so you’re getting truly haute couture design without any of the cruelty. Immense talent. Fresh design. Fresh perspective.

I could not ask for more as a consumer and connoisseur of high-end handbags.

Additionally, Jill Milan donates a portion of its proceeds to various animal charities and organizations that help low-income women. This is capitalism done right.

Now let’s talk fashion tips!

If you want my favorite black and gold tote pictured with yours truly below, you can find it here. I sometimes carry my iPad in it along with beauty necessities and other handy items. It’s narrow yet roomy, plus it withstands the regular beatings it gets traveling around with me as I am constantly on the go. You’ll love it. I chose gold and black because it matches nearly everything and transitions throughout the seasons. But they have other color options available. I also have one in white, which is perfect for summer.

So remember: Compassion is fashion. Cruel is not cool. And thank you to everyone at Jill Milan for doing what you do!

Natalie Norman

(Natalie Norman)

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