Don’t like it raw? Try this! Raw Fusion Recipes

Raw Food Lifestyle Tip:

Don’t like a particular vegetable in raw form? Steam it! Then mix it up with raw ingredients and you have yourself a delicious, satisfying raw fusion (raw + cooked) meal!

With food, as with life in general, I feel it is important not to get hung up on dogma. We each must find the path that works for us, and that path is going to look different for every individual because we have diverse histories.

Eating the occasional lightly steamed vegetable is not unhealthy. One of my favorite raw food teachers eats 1-2 heads of steamed cauliflower per day and has done so for years. In fact, most long-term successful raw foodists I know incorporate some occasional steamed vegetables into their diets and do so while enjoying radiant health and vitality.

If you find you’re avoiding certain veggies such as the cruciferous ones (broccoli, cauliflower) because you dislike them raw, don’t feel guilty about steaming. Just avoid frying, grilling, or broiling, as those cooking methods destroy more nutrition and cause the formation of carcinogenic and inflammation-promoting compounds. Steaming or even lightly boiling vegetables is simply a common way of breaking down plant cell walls and fiber in order to make them a little easier to digest, as well as more appealing to many people. If you are not yet accustomed to eating all your veggies raw, then it is ok to blend both raw and cooked foods into your diet as your make your journey into plant-based living.

I would rather see you eating lightly steamed, boiled, or even baked vegetables than going back to eating meat and cheese or processed junk foods. We have to use a little common sense and see the bigger picture here. Yes, cooking vegetables can cause some loss in nutrition like vitamin C, but think about this: If you would never even eat them in raw form, then you’d be getting ZERO percent of their nutrition, anyway. In other words, if the only way you’ll eat broccoli is steamed, then you’re getting 100% more nutrition that way than if you avoided it altogether due to disliking it raw.

How to incorporate raw fusion meals: Mix your steamed veggies with raw ingredients – simple as that! Here, I’ve paired some lightly steamed orange cauliflower with plenty of fresh chopped cilantro. Divine! No guilt. Please do not waste your time beating yourself up because you weren’t 100% raw that day. We have enough problems and stress in our daily lives already.


I’m about as raw as they come, and even I have zero problem recommending steaming from time to time, especially for those of you who are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. It’s better to eat some steamed veggies than to binge on fatty, salty, gourmet raw food. Any long-term successful raw vegan will agree with that. You can also make soups and stews at low temperature, or bake without browning.

Think of food preparation on a spectrum of worst to best. Worst would be methods like deep frying or blackening/charring, while best would be whole fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. For most people transitioning to a vegan or raw vegan diet, eliminating foods on the “worst” end of the spectrum alone can be totally life-changing! Be where YOU are today, then build from there.

Always ask yourself: “If this is the worst thing in my diet, then how am I doing?”

Don’t be a zealot. Make the raw foods lifestyle work in your real life. I’m here to support you exactly where you are.

Yours in delicious health,



Steamed Cauliflower with Fresh Herbs


1 head of cauliflower, any varierty
1 cup of fresh herbs of your choice, stems removed (cilantro is pictured)
Juice from 1 lemon
1 pinch of pink salt (optional)
1 tbsp raw hemp seeds (optional)


Mince herbs and set aside. Steam cauliflower in a steamer (this is the steamer I own and it is one of my favorite pots of all time) until somewhat soft but not mushy. (Don't kill your veggies. Just hurt em' a little.) Remove cauliflower from heat and place into bowl. Toss with herbs, lemon juice, and hemp seeds. Enjoy!

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