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Easiest Way to Juice Citrus Fruit

Easy Citrus Juice Press Machine

Easiest Way to Juice Citrus Fruit


  • Single-auger juicers for wheatgrass juicing
  • Centrifugal juicers, fast and easy for green juice 
  • Manual citrus press, simple, inexpensive and efficient for citrus
  • Should you juice fruit on a raw food diet? 

I own three juicers. I’ll be linking to some juicers in this post and as I always try to mention upfront, I link to products I like using my Amazon store or other affiliate links. This just means I might earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my links, which in turn helps me support the costs of running this website. I appreciate and thank you all for being here and supporting my website. Ok, onward! Let’s talk juicers.

The first is a single auger slow juicer I bought back when I was REALLY into growing my own wheatgrass in flats in my kitchen, then juicing it to my heart’s content. Grasses and certain herbs produce the greatest juice yield in slow juicers. You can also juice plants like cucumber and carrot in such juicers, but it can require a few extra steps to chop everything up in order to fit inside the smaller chute. It also takes longer to push the plants through the machine and wait for your juice to come out. Not a big deal, but it can make a difference depending on your lifestyle and personality.

For reasons I’ll spare you right now, I’m just not into wheatgrass juice anymore. And with my crazy schedule I became impatient about chopping everything up before juicing it, so I picked up a speedy, loud, fast Breville juicer that uses centrifugal force to spin the ingredients and force them through the filter that way. Yes, you can lose a little more nutrition and overall juice output from a centrifugal juicer, but if it means the difference between juicing or not juicing, which would you rather have? A slightly lower yield, or no juice at all? The best juicer is the one you will actually use on a regular basis.

juice-pressThe Breville is the kind of juicer featured in the inspiring movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, featuring the story of Joe Cross. Joe was over 100 pounds overweight and suffered from various other health ailments, then turned it around by going on a 60-day green juice feast. It’s a really moving tale and I recommend watching it when you get the opportunity to do so.

But let’s get back to talking about juicing citrus, because citrus presents its own issues and I’m going to solve them for you.

All this talk of electrical juicing machines, yet neither of those juicers discussed above handled making a simple batch of citrus juice for me without a lot of unnecessary fuss and wasted juice. So I picked up this heavy-duty citrus press and have loved it ever since.

It is extremely easy to use, as you can see in this demo video I made while pressing myself a glass of orange juice this morning:

As a general rule, I save juicing for vegetables and herbs with a very, very minimal amount of fruit juiced in the mix. For example, I would make a green juice with leafy greens, herbs, lemon, and maybe one tiny organic apple for flavor purposes only.

With fruit, I like to ingest all the wonderful fiber in it, which helps the body regulate sugars naturally. But on a balanced raw food diet, you’re going to be getting tons of fresh vegetables and whole fruits providing ample fiber. So a glass of freshly-pressed raw citrus juice every now and then is not the same as chugging a constant stream of pasteurized processed bottled juice that you tend to find in grocery stores.

We don’t have a health crisis in this country because people are enjoying an occasional glass of fresh citrus juice. As I always say, it’s important to keep perspective and use common sense.

This glass of orange juice I made was incredibly delicious and filling. You could make a juice combining fresh oranges and grapefruits, too. This juice press cleans up fast and gives great juice extraction with a straightforward motion. Once you press the first 1-2 citrus halves, you’re going to pick up a much faster pace and you’ll see how easy the overall process is.

Natalie Norman Favorite Orange Juice Machine

Enjoy your citrus juice! And be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and shoot me an email to tell me how you like this juice press!

Yours in delicious heath,


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