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Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Cherry Maca Ice Cream

Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Cherry Maca Ice Cream

Summer is a time for simplicity. As the weather warms up, we don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. And we really don’t want to eat foods that leave us feeling bloated, lethargic, or headed in the wrong direction with our health. But what do you do when a craving for ice cream hits?

Raw food recipes are a perfect match for summer, and this vegan ice cream recipe is a classic, easy way to put together fresh and delicious ingredients that satisfy your sweet tooth while beautifully nourishing your body. This is also a very romantic recipe, blending chocolate, cherries, and maca, a dried root vegetable with a reputation for both balancing hormones and stoking our amorous fire, so to speak. (Ahem, I keep this blog g-rated.)

As a former dairy ice cream addict, I am here to tell you that once you remove dairy from your body for a while, you will grow to be almost repulsed by it. I used to start eating dairy-based ice cream and I absolutely could not stop until I felt sick and guilty. And then I wanted more! Dairy contains chemicals that cause a calf to return to its mother to nurse and survive, and gain hundreds of pounds rapidly. What chance do you think you have serving yourself tiny, reasonable portions of dairy? Here’s the answer: You have no chance. So get rid of it. You won’t miss it in the end. And once you start making creative raw vegan ice cream recipes you’re going to find that plant-based versions are just as delicious if not more so. Plus, they make you feel amazing!

Enjoy the recipe, and enjoy your guilt-free, sugar-free, dairy-free sweets in abundance! Healthy living is not about deprivation. It’s all about learning new habits and ways to make meals that taste even better than what you used to eat.

Yours in delicious heath,



Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Cherry Maca Ice Cream

Yield: 1-3 servings


3 cups frozen ripe banana chunks
3 tablespoons maca
1/2 cup cacao nibs
1.5 cups fresh or frozen cherries


Blend in high-powered blender or a food processor fitted with an S-blade, scraping down as needed. Enjoy immediately!

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