Fresh Herbed Couscous Atop Mache

Fresh Herbed Couscous Atop Mache

Deliciously filling, this grain-free recipe is also incredibly nutritious. The couscous is made with parsnips, which are loaded with Vitamin C and folate!

The full recipe is below. Please take a moment to subscribe to my newsletter or connect with me on social media to let me know how you liked this recipe! It is the perfect amount for a raw vegan meal for 1-2 people.

Plus, think of this: On a raw food diet there are never pots and pans to scrub after a long day of work. You can just eat, rinse, and move on to your pajamas and some reruns on television, time with kids, a walk with the dog, or a good book. You will actually save time on raw foods.

Yes, there is a learning curve in the beginning, as it is just a different way of life. But once you get the hang of it you will notice you have more freedom to do other things. I noticed that I also have more energy to do what I love now that my body is being fueled by the bet nutrition available to me.

Yours in delicious heath!

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Fresh Herbed "Couscous" Atop Mache


1 large peeled parsnip cut into roughly 1-inch chunks
1 bunch of fresh cilantro, most of the stems removed*
2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
2 tablespoons coconut butter or coconut oil
1 pinch pink salt or to taste (optional)

* If you dislike cilantro, try using fresh basil, Italian seasoning, and a dash of onion and garlic powder to turn this into an Italian-flavored dish. Yum!


In food processor fitted with "S" blade, pulse parsnip with coconut butter and orange juice until rice-sized, then pulse in cilantro until the herbed couscous appearance in the photo is achieved. Plate atop a large bed of mache lettuce.