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Grapefruit Green Smoothie

Grapefruit Kale Green Smoothie

Grapefruit Green Smoothie

Before I went raw, you couldn’t pay me to eat grapefruit or kale. How funny, considering I went vegan way back at age 14!

What kind of vegan or vegetarian hates grapefruit and kale, both nutritional powerhouses that can help prevent disease, lower bad cholesterol, cleanse the body, and encourage weight loss? Well…the kind of vegan that eats burritos, vegan junk food, processed boxed crud, fried tofu in oily peanut sauce, yup, you get the idea. That was me. Hand raised over here.

I’m not proud of the way I used to eat, but I’m not ashamed of it, either. It was a lesson I learned the hard way (one of many on this plant-based journey I’ve been on for most of my life) and now I get to pass those lessons along to you.

And that includes a lesson on how to get plenty of kale and grapefruit into your precious body even if they might not be your favorites, or maybe they just scare you a little. It’s all OK! We’re gonna do this together. I’m in your corner, here to teach you everything I know.

This green smoothie recipe balances the tartness of grapefruit and the somewhat bitterness of kale with two key ingredients: Bananas and pineapple. Citrus helps break down the kale, making it easier to digest. Blending it helps, too. Then, the addition of frozen banana gives your smoothie a creamy sweet element that makes it deliciously easy to drink.

Natural sugars in fruit are balanced with nature’s perfect amount of fiber along with water both from the plants themselves as well as the water you add. Together, these ingredients can leave you feeling hydrated, cleansed, and energized.

You’ll love it. I promise! And if you’re brand new to green smoothies, I might advise you to play with the quantities of greens at first, starting with less then building up over time. You can also add a few pitted dates for extra sweetness. It’s all acceptable, and I want you to always remember to go easy on yourself.

Have fun on this journey! And know that you are loved and supported by me, always.

Yours in delicious heath,



Grapefruit Green Smoothie


1 bunch of curly kale, stems removed
1 extra large peeled grapefruit
3 large frozen bananas
1.5 cups of frozen pineapple
4 cups of water or as needed


Place greens and water into your high-speed blender container first, followed by fruit. Blend thoroughly and enjoy immensely! May be prepared 1-2 days in advance and stored in glass jars with plastic lids for grab & go convenience. Just shake them up before drinking them, as smoothies can separate.

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