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Growing Your Own Food is Easy!

I am not a farmer. I don’t have a green thumb. The only color on my thumb is hot pink nail polish.


Natalie Norman

But even I, the sometimes fussy glamour-puss, can grow food.

Here’s the secret: Many plants are actually difficult to kill, and they keep proliferating like weeds given decent conditions. In this photo below you can see tiny cherry tomatoes, arugula, and strawberries picked straight from my garden today. Ask me if I planted any of it this season! Answer: Nope!

Grow Your Own Food with Natalie Norman

Ok wait. Someone else actually grew those cherry tomatoes and I picked them up at the local farm stand a couple of days ago. (Mom brain moment, sorry!) But they are so easy to grow, too! I even grow them in plastic pots on the patio with almost zero effort and I’m left with a huge bounty of sweet cherry tomatoes every summer.

But back to the delicious weeds pictured: Arugula and strawberries.

Try getting RID of strawberries in your garden! Ha. They spread until you start hearing Strawberry Fields Forever playing in your head every time you step outside. The plants don’t die in winter here in California. They just spread. They even produce a small amount of berries all year. In summer, KABOOM, the garden explodes with fresh juicy strawberries that are actually sugary-sweet right off the plant.

Now, don’t ask me how strawberries will do where you live. Remember, I have no green thumb. I just know from experience that many fruits and vegetables are exceedingly easy to grow. Just do a little Googling to see what will do well in your climate.

On my property I have also planted an apple tree, a plum tree, and I have a ginormous Meyer lemon tree/bush thing that makes the juiciest, biggest lemons you have ever tasted.

And that arugula you see just keeps popping up every summer. Man, is it delicious! Spicy but never bitter. You don’t need a drop of salad dressing when your greens are tender, fresh, and packed with the flavor nature intended.

How did I begin? Years ago, I decided to start digging up the grass in the back yard and replacing it with a garden as big as I could muster on my itty bitty California-style property. I had to leave enough room for the dogs & kids to run, too. There are also garden beds in the front yard where leafy greens are grown. Did you know plants like kale can survive most winters? Plant some!

Tip: Consider including rock dust in your soil so that the food you grow is rich in mineral content and super tasty.

There is nothing quite like the nutrition and flavor in fresh food. Even if it’s just fresh herbs you grow on your kitchen counter, grow something! It’s fun, and it’s pretty easy.

What’s in the garden of your life, literally and figuratively? Consider all that you are planting, feeding, and cultivating in all areas of your life. Invest in what is GOOD for you.

Because YOU are worth it.



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