My mission is to teach you to succeed on your raw food journey, helping you live your happiest, healthiest life! -Natalie

How to conduct yourself as a raw vegan in a mainstream restaurant? My example.


What do you do when you go out to eat?

That’s a common question I receive.

Truth is, I rarely feel restricted when joining friends and family for a social outing at just about any type of restaurant. My lifestyle doesn’t restrict me or reduce the joy I experience in life AT ALL! If I’m eating at a traditional restaurant, I simply order 1-2 fresh salads, customized as needed, making sure to explain my dietary restrictions.

The two salads pictured here were an actual meal I enjoyed at a restaurant here along the beautiful California coastline. The nutrition in those salads powered and enabled me to continue to enjoy my day with loved ones. The food was not the goal; the overall experience of the day was. Do you know what I mean here? It’s an important shift in your mental approach. coast-dining

Food is not the ultimate fun. People and experiences are.

I don’t need restaurant food to be my entertainment or source of happiness. I get that from the experiences I share with people. I’m not really out to eat for the food; I’m there for the company, for the memories, for the conversations.

Here’s an example of what I say when ordering: 

“May I please have the large field greens salad, no cheese, meat, croutons, or dressing. And may I add a little avocado to it? Thank you—Oh, and may I please have lemon wedges for dressing? Thank you. I’d actually like to order two of those salads, exactly the same, and served in separate dishes, not combined. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.”

Spoken with a big friendly smile, lots of respect, and patience!

Treat wait staff with utmost dignity and respect and they will do the same for you.

Always be a LEADER in your own life!

It’s common to get questions about your diet when confronted by strangers. Never shy away from questions about your lifestyle when you’re out in public. Answer graciously and openly. You are a living example of this lifestyle. Be a proud, respectable ambassador.

It’s actually very EASY to navigate this world as a raw vegan when you have the right attitude.


Yours in delicious heath,

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