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Is Cooked Food Poison?


Guess what? Cooked food is not all “poison,” as some purists would argue.

Lightly steamed or blanched vegetables can be delightful and easy to prepare. I’m not talking about frying in oil or grilling them, as neither of those methods are very healthy.

Certain vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli can be unappetizing to some people when raw. Well…steam them and move on!  If the WORST thing in your diet is a lightly steamed vegetable, you’re doing ok in life. It’s important to keep perspective.

Today I visited my local farm stand and picked up some gorgeous, freshly-picked vegetables. Among them was some incredible asparagus. I steamed it and used some of it in my cilantro pesto sauce with lime. The rest I chopped and tossed with fresh baby lettuces and the sauce. Delicious warm asparagus salad! No regrets. Eating is about joyful delectable nutrition, not emotional hangups.

Now, let me be clear, 99.99% of my annual diet is raw. But if I get my hands on some beautiful asparagus like this, you’d better bet I have zero issues with devouring it steamed. If I didn’t steam it, I simply wouldn’t be eating it in such a high quantity as I did tonight.

Make raw foods work for you in your REAL life. Again, if you hate certain veggies raw, steam them! It’s truly ok. Over time you can keep experimenting with raw versions, but please don’t spend a moment of your time worrying that you somehow can’t succeed on raw because you can’t stand raw broccoli.


Yours in delicious heath,

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