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The SlimCado: Worth it?

I bought some SlimCados at the market today – ever tried one? I have always loved avocados and was eager to try these enormous, shiny green fruits. And, hey, look at the big sticker telling me how healthy they are with over 30% less fat than regular avocados! Hmm. Based upon my research, analysis, and flavor tests, my verdict is that the SlimCado, while well-marketed, is inferior to the regular avocado in nearly every respect.


My regular avocados were $1.00 each. The SlimCados were $1.99 each. As you can see in the corresponding photo, the SlimCado provides more food, but is it worth it once you control for portion size, then factor in nutritional value per dollar and overall taste? Let’s take a close look:


1 CUP Regular Avocado Contains:

384 calories
35 grams fat
20 grams carbohydrate
16 grams fiber
5 grams protein
34% Vitamin C
7% Vitamin A
3% Calcium
8% Iron

1 CUP SlimCado Contains:

276 calories
23 grams fat
18 grams carbohydrate
13 grams fiber
5 grams of protein
67% Vitamin C
6% Vitamin A
2% Calcium
2% Iron

In my opinion, from a health and nutrients-per-dollar perspective, the regular avocado wins. Yes, it contains 12 more grams of fat per cup, but we’re not talking about unhealthy saturated animal fats or cheap, processed, hydrogenated oils. And, realistically, you’re not going to eat a CUP of regular avocado. You’re often going to eat around one regular avocado, which has only 21 grams of fat – that’s LESS fat than one whole SlimCado. Further, your satiety or “fullness” mechanism will be triggered more easily with the regular avocado in part because of its denser fat content. It’s easy to get conned by the marketing hype and eat a whole SlimCado thinking you’re making a lower-fat choice. Wrong!

Fat aside, regular avocados contain more of what we want in our diets: MORE fiber, calcium, healthy carbohydrates, and iron. The SlimCado does give you more Vitamin C per cup, but this fact becomes totally irrelevant on a healthy, raw, plant-based diet because you easily ingest an incredibly high amount of Vitamin C in raw fruits and vegetables every day, well beyond the RDA values.


There is simply no comparison here. A regular avocado tastes and feels smooth, creamy, fatty, rich, savory, and satisfying. While delicious alone, it can be used in myriad raw food recipes as a cream/butter substitute, such as in pie fillings and puddings, or used in soups, sauces, and dressings. In contrast, the SlimCado has a consistency that’s a bit like raw mashed pumpkin, or overcooked grits. It doesn’t spread like regular avocado. It’s almost gritty. It’s not something I crave. I had to force myself to eat it – total opposite from my response to regular avocado. The SlimCado has a sweeter flavor and is very watered-down in terms of overall taste. You get a hint of avocado flavor, almost like it’s merely a bland fruit with “real avocado flavoring!” added, if you can imagine that. With superior flavor and culinary versatility, the regular avocado wins, hands down.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to your regular avocados. Get a good night’s sleep, exercise, eat a reasonable amount of avocados without guilt and ENJOY their deliciousness. Life’s too short to gag down a SlimCado, especially when there’s no compelling nutritional, culinary, or financial reason to do so.

Yours in delicious heath!



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