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Keeping Produce Fresh & Building Good Habits

Raw Food Lifestyle Tips:

Part of being successful long-term on a raw food plant-based diet is to develop new habits that support your lifestyle and set you up for success. Preparation helps keep you stocked up with quick and easy food to grab when you’re hungry. This prevents moments of desperation when you might be susceptible to grabbing an unhealthy snack or meal.

Use storage containers to help keep produce fresh longer. I try to leave most of my fruits out on the counter tops, but life happens, and sometimes we wind up with a surplus. The last thing you want is to see that precious food go to waste. Veggies do better in the refrigerator, while most fruits do better in the freezer – perfect for smoothies. Either way, invest in some quality airtight storage containers. They will become invaluable.

My recommendation is Lock and Lock. I have a ton of this stuff. I also have some older Tupperware pieces, but love Lock and Lock. It’s what’s pictured in the photo above. Cute, right?


If you still don’t seem to be keeping up with your latest veggie haul, use a juicer to juice veggies with a couple of lemons and an apple to balance the flavors. You can also slice up many fruits and veggies and dry them in a dehydrator, keeping them under 118 degrees to maintain their raw status.

Fresh is best, but we must make raw food work in the real world. I have many years of experience and have made plenty of mistakes. Learn from me! I’m a busy mom making a raw vegan diet work seamlessly in my hectic life. If I can succeed, so can you!

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