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Lemon Basil Mediterranean-Style Juice

Lemon Basil Juice

WOW. This light, playful juice recipe balances the delicate flavor of basil with the tangy blend of lemon, tomato, and just a touch of sweetness from the apple. You won’t be able to drink all this in one sitting, so be prepared with airtight containers to store it and drink it up over the course of a day. I recommend buying glass canning jars and plastic screw-top lids.


Lemon Basil Mediterranean-Style Juice


2 heads of celery

4 large tomatoes (I used 2 orange, 2 red)

1 peeled lemon (I used Meyer)

1 large bunch of basil (4-5 large handfuls)

2 small sweet apples (or one large apple)


Juice and strain through a nut milk bag or fine mesh colander for smoothest consistency.

Yours in delicious heath!

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