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Lessons from Borat? Our Unhealthy Obsession with Cheese

Lessons from Borat? Our Unhealthy Obsession with Cheese

Well, why IS there so much dairy-based cheese in our supermarkets?

As Borat asks, “Why do American people only eat-da-cheese?” (I can’t even type that out without laughing.)

Take back your power as a consumer.

Realize that the average grocery store is stacked against you. It’s up to YOU to recreate your reality. You are the CEO of YOU. Time for executive decision-making. Are you going to swallow the clever marketing campaigns designed to get you addicted to eating cheese, thinking you “love” cheese? To succeed on a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle, you’ve got to start developing some mental toughness and critical thought processes that will empower you to walk past all the rows of unhealthy food-ish products that corporations are selling to you.

I actually want you to get a little angry, a little fed-up! Companies are making billions of dollars to profit off of you becoming sick, living a miserable life, and never fully achieving your potential as a human being. No one has the right to do that to you. Be defiant. Be rebellious. Changing what goes into your grocery cart is the ultimate form of protest against this system that is slowly killing us. Take back your dollars, your power, and your choice.

This is what real food looks like. This is what I want to see in your grocery cart:

Plant-Filled Grocery Cart by Natalie Norman Raw Food Expert

You don’t “love” cheese. 

You love your family, your friends, and hopefully yourself. You might BELIEVE that you love cheese, which means you just need to change your beliefs in order to change your diet. Beliefs are a temporary condition and you are not enslaved to them. I grew up thinking I loved cheese, too. If you feel like you can’t live without it, you are not alone. And you are not judged. I understand you, truly. I used to melt cheese on top of everything, thinking it made it taste better. I can’t even imagine doing that now. I would get sick to my stomach. The idea alone seems bizarre to me. But it was a process getting to this place. I am here to give you all the resources and support possible in order to help you get to that place.

How to stop eating cheese.

Adding in healthy recipes filled with plant-based foods will help you build new habits and change your taste buds over time. On a raw food diet, there are many ways to develop cheesy flavors. Try this simple and easy macadamia nut cheese for starters and then build from there, adding all sorts of fun herbs and other seasonings. Heck, I even created a raw vegan lasagne (technically a “lasagnette”) so rich and creamy you would never miss the dairy version most of us are/were used to eating. The trick to changing is not to simply white-knuckle our way through it with the silly illusion known as willpower, but instead to build new healthy habits and meals to replace the bad ones. That way, old habits have no more room in your life and fall away with less effort.

Get support!

As far as recreating your surroundings and lifestyle, try to find farmer’s markets, fruit/veggie stands, and local farms for grocery shopping beyond traditional stores. Surround yourself with people living the lifestyle you desire, even if that means you can only find them online. My Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all places where you can find me. And subscribe to my newsletter for support, recipes and tips.

Closing thoughts.

In standard grocery stores, spend most of your time and dollars shopping in the produce section. Your body is worth it. You’re a precious human being with one life; give yourself the gift of health today.

And enjoy the hilarious clip with Borat! It is OK to laugh about our challenges. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this journey to plant-based and raw vegan living is something that should be joyful even when it’s difficult. You’re never alone in this. You have me. And I’ve been there, my friends!

Yours in delicious heath!


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