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Lifestyle Tip: What to do if you’re craving fatty foods


Lifestyle Tip:

If you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet and find yourself craving fatty foods involving dairy or oil, try eating a meal with avocado. Avocado is a healthier option that is very satisfying. Plus, you can take it in nearly any flavor direction!

– Mash it with a pinch of pink salt, a bit of lemon juice, and a dash of garlic powder for an amazing sandwich/wrap spread.

– Add diced tomato and minced cilantro to the above recipe to create a quick guacamole dip. Enjoy with veggie crudités!

– Blend avocado with dates, vanilla bean powder, and raw cacao for an instant chocolate pudding. (Yes, this works!)

– Scoop it out by the spoonful and enjoy it plain!

Just be careful never to over blend avocado, or they will break down too much and create a strange consistency.

Lastly, try not to overeat them. I’m guilty of doing so, because, come on, they’re avocados! But a high-fat diet won’t give you your best energy and nutrition in the long-term. If your diet is all raw vegan, and you overeat fats, you won’t be getting enough calories from vegetables and other fruits containing the nutrients necessary in order to thrive, such as iron, calcium and protein. Plus, too much fat can lead to sluggish digestion.

So, enjoy your avocados, just don’t pound them like a rabid gorilla. I mean…..not that I’ve done that or anything.


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