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Mini Mexican Chocolate Mocha Milkshakes

Mini Mocha Milkshakes

Mini Mexican Chocolate Mocha Milkshakes

Ok, say that recipe title five times fast. That’s a lot of M’s! All combined in one scrumptious, nutritious dessert-style vegan milkshake. Read on for the story behind my latest creation!

Summer is here, and it’s heating up. Keep your body cool while you regenerate yourself with clean raw vegan protein in these yummy little milkshakes!

You might already know my story. Following two difficult pregnancies, I lost a lot of excess weight by adopting a raw vegan diet. I am now in a rebuilding phase, which includes a lot of weightlifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT). My muscles take a beating regularly (I work out 8-9 hours per week) and Sunwarrior provides me with delicious, easy raw vegan options to boost my protein in addition to all the fresh whole protein-rich plants I eat every day like leafy greens and hemp seeds.

I feel good about adding Sunwarrior to my diet and have been doing so for years. Their blends provide a complete amino acid profile, which helps form the building blocks critical to regenerating your muscles. I try to drink a Sunwarrior smoothie within 24 hours of a tough weightlifting workout. My strength is growing with every passing year and while I have a long journey ahead, I am making amazing progress. Losing half your body weight is really only the first step to becoming your best YOU. Fitness is a lifelong habit, and I intend to continue becoming the fittest, healthiest ME that I can be.

As a raw food culinary artist, I was excited to try a new Sunwarrior raw protein flavor that absolutely knocked my socks off! It’s the Warrior Blend in Mocha Flavor. They sent me some to try and it is divine! I normally use my go-to, the Sunwarrior Clasic Plus blend in chocolate. But I have to say, as someone who always loved the flavor of coffee in my pre-raw vegan life, I’ve been missing out!

Mini Chocolate Mocha

Using the mocha flavor, I whipped up a creamy raw vegan chocolate milkshake recipe with a little flavor kick. Adding cinnamon blended with banana gives this recipe a Mexican chocolate taste that is outstanding.

Traditionally, Mexican chocolate blends cacao with refined sugar and cinnamon. The beauty of raw vegan foods is that you can use fresh fruit in place of processed, refined sugars. With a little creativity, you can enjoy a wide array of delicious, satisfying, FUN foods without ever feeling like you’re missing out, or suffering from cravings.

So now, on to the recipe! Blend one up and enjoy for yourself.

Yours in delicious heath,



Mini Mexican Chocolate Mocha Milkshakes


4 small bananas, fresh or frozen in chunks
2 scoops Sunwarrior Warrior Blend in Mocha Flavor
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup raw cacao nibs
2.5 cups of ice
2-2.5 cups of water or as needed


Blend in high-speed blender until emulsified. May be stored in glass jars with plastic lids for grab & go convenience. Just shake them up before drinking them, as smoothies can separate.

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