My Growth as a Raw Foodist & Teacher

Natalie Norman

My Growth as a Raw Foodist & Teacher

Let’s really go raw, in both diet and conversation. I want to talk about some candid thoughts on my growth as a raw foodist and teacher, and how these kinds of changes might happen in your life, too. There’s enough fancy fluffy marketing talk out there. I would rather get real. So here we go.

A funny thing is happening on my raw food journey, 9 years into it.

I’m not afraid of growing older. (Wow!)

I’m starting to actually love my body, flaws and all. It’s not some cheesy affirmation; it’s profound. It’s there when no one else is looking. It’s real. It’s an overwhelming relief to dare to love the body I spent so many years battling or despising.

Connecting with all of you, reaching all around the world getting to share the joy of raw plant-based living, it’s deeply fulfilling and every day of work is a tremendous gift. My gift to you is also a gift to me. The giving is the receiving. I love not only living the raw food lifestyle, but also getting to be your teacher! 

Even on my most challenging days, I’m happier and more contented than ever before. Life’s peaks are higher; its valleys shallower.

I see the pretty, faint little stretch marks or other evidence of having my beautiful babies on my tummy or hips and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love them; they make me feel sexy and feminine! I am a vibrant, strong woman and I’m not afraid of the story of my life. I own it. I love the physical evidence of being a woman who has experienced all the wonderful ways of being a powerful, life-giving human.

In the words of Gavin DeGraw: I don’t wanna be anything other than me.

Natalie Norman raw Vegan Lifestyle Expert and Teacher

A raw vegan lifestyle has helped me realize my best health, strength, and indestructible internal validation. Fear dissipates. Confidence grows, and grows, and grows. I trust me.

Can raw food do all this? In part, yes. But that’s an incomplete statement. It’s not just the food. It’s what the food and the lifestyle do for us overall. Food and healthy habits are a huge part of our growth and joy. Going plant-based is not about knowing how long we’re going to live. It’s about having our best days possible while we’re here to have them, for however long that might be. I want TODAY to be your best day, and mine, too.

What’s your journey been like so far? How can I help you make some new strides or solidify your foundation? Make sure you are subscribed to my community in order to connect with me directly and get support, tips, and a lot of encouragement so that you’ll succeed as a raw vegan for life.

Let’s all drop our egos, our pretense, and our fears, and move forward together, becoming our best selves with every passing year. You’re alive. What an incredible opportunity, just getting to open our eyes and greet each new day! Your body is going to be a beautiful map of all the places you’ve been. And a clean healthy diet can help you journey to places you never even dreamed you’d go.

Yours in good heath,


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