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Natalie’s Go-To Green Smoothie

Natalie's Go-To Green Smoothie

Natalie’s Go-To Green Smoothie


  • Why fruit is important on a raw vegan diet
  • Easy green smoothie recipe for busy moms, kids, and teens
  • How to store green smoothies
  • Connect for support

This go-to green smoothie is deliciously sweet, creamy smoothie is made with wholesome, inexpensive ingredients you can find just about anywhere. I call it my go-to smoothie because it’s simple, easy, and can form the foundation for other smoothie recipes.

It’s also a great recipe to make for someone if you are trying to introduce them to green smoothies because it tastes like a frozen banana milkshake, no “green” taste. It’s also packed with healthy calories to keep you fueled up for many hours! Kids and teens LOVE this recipe, too! It’s perfect for busy families. You can make it the night before for easy grab-and-go nutrition the next morning. (We moms know how busy mornings can be, right?)

Enjoy this green smoothie recipe as-is or add other fruits and leafy greens knowing you’re building on a solid taste foundation.

You may also adjust the amount of fruit in any green smoothie recipe. Just know that on a raw food diet, most of your calories will come from fresh fruit, otherwise you’ll be low on energy and craving calories from whatever source is closest, which can lead you right back to unhealthy choices.

For example, people who believe they are addicted to processed sugar and candies are actually just low on healthy carbs. Eating enough fresh raw fruit destroys those unhealthy cravings, turning them into a distant memory.

Another mistake people make by avoiding fruit is that they wind up getting too many raw food calories from overtly fatty foods. Whole food fats are GREAT, but they don’t provide enough well-rounded nutrition by themselves to sustain you in the long term. And I want you to succeed for life!

Experiment with this green smoothie recipe and have fun in your kitchen!

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Yours in delicious heath!



Natalie’s Go-To Green Smoothie


4-5 frozen bananas, chunked
5 curly kale leaves, stems removed
10 medjool dates, pits removed
1 young Thai coconut, water & meat scooped out*
2 cups water

*If you dislike coconut or don't have any on hand, simply omit it and use additional water.


Placing your greens and water at the bottom, blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender like the Blendtec. If your blender isn’t very powerful, blend slowly and in stages until creamy consistency is achieved. Store in airtight containers for a meal that will last at least half your day, if not longer! I prefer wide-mouth glass jars with plastic lids, as pictured.

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