Pasta Night at Natalie’s!


Pasta night! Raw vegan style. Naturally gluten-free, packed with fiber, phytonutrients, and tastes divine.

Make noodles with a spiral slicer, guilt-free. You can opt to peel your zucchini first, or leave the peel on for extra vitamins. It’s up to you. If you peel them, your noodles will be solid yellow and appear more like spaghetti, if that’s important to you.

You can toss raw zucchini noodles with just about anything. Zucchini is a very neutral flavor and will go in any direction you take it. You can use Italian seasoning, tomatoes, fresh chopped basil, or use cilantro and chipotle chili powder with a little nutritional yeast. You really can’t go wrong!

Yours in delicious heath,

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