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Raw Food: Farm to Table

Raw Food: Farm to Table

raw food farm to table

Let’s talk about the expression “Farm to Table,” often used in trendy restaurants. Here’s what I have to say: Forget restaurants! Apply “farm to table” to your home and your own daily lives whenever possible. You might be surprised what’s available if you hunt around your area.

Try to find farmer’s markets or grocery stores with the freshest fruits and vegetables. And if you don’t have any farmer’s markets anywhere near you, don’t be afraid to approach your local produce manager at the grocery store and ask him or her where they source foods, what’s freshest, and when shipments come in. Build your team of supporters in all areas of life.

In the photo you can see some amazing vegetables I picked up at a local farm stand. And those gorgeous apples are from dear friends who grow them on their property. I’ve already begun using these foods, as you saw in the recipe for fast food raw vegan zucchini wraps. The carrots are so crisp, watery and sweet. Mmmmm!

I want you to get used to being your own best diet and health advocate. Empower yourself. Be a leader in your own life. Protect yourself with the same degree of diligence and care you’d apply to a baby. That’s a high standard and YOU are worth it. You didn’t lose that innate value between your birth and today! Think about that.

Yours in delicious heath,

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