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Should You Be Eating Kale Chips?


Packaged raw vegan foods can be an EXCELLENT option in a pinch, especially when you’re first transitioning to raw foods. Imagine a world where instead of Doritos, we only had packaged flax crackers on grocery store shelves! It’s important to keep some perspective.

But as you delve further into your raw food journey, please keep the focus on fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. This is KEY to your long-term success.

The goal of being raw is not just to stay raw at any cost. It’s to attain your best health and vitality. Whole raw plants do that best by giving you ultimate nourishment, hydration and fiber balanced perfectly as nature intended. But just because something is raw, that doesn’t always mean it’s the healthiest choice.

Let’s apply this:

If you had a choice between a RAW vegan chocolate bar and a large serving of lightly steamed broccoli, which would you choose?

If you had a choice between PACKAGED RAW nacho cheese kale chips and a fresh kale salad made in your kitchen, which would you choose?

If you had a choice between a RAW dessert made with coconut oil, agave, salt, and nuts versus a big fruit salad, which would you choose?

I want the majority of what goes into your mouth to be whole, unprocessed plants. You’ll thank me for this later because you will FEEL your best over time.

If you do indulge in packaged raw foods, by all means, do not feel guilty about it. Enjoy them! You’re doing a fantastic job in life if the only processed food you consume is kale chips or raw vegan cookies.

Yours in delicious heath,

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