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Simple Raw Food Diet

Simple Raw Food Diet
simple raw food diet

You don’t need fancy ingredients or complex recipes to succeed on a raw plant-based diet. You can thrive using simple foods that come from your everyday supermarket!

Keeping your raw food diet simple and easy will help you stick with it for life. I can’t stress this point enough. Science reveals that the more complicated a diet is, the more likely people are to bail on it. But you didn’t need a study to tell you that. We are all busy, stressed out, overwhelmed, and often under-supported in our hectic lives. Do we really need our food to complicate things even more? NO.

When people get too involved with complicated gourmet raw recipes involving lots of soaking, sprouting, and too many preparation steps, they become frustrated and give up. You’ll sometimes hear people say a raw food diet is too hard. As one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, I am here to tell you that it’s actually the EASIEST and fastest way to eat.

Every fruit and vegetable in the above photo got blended together in my high-powered blender (I use a Vitamix but there are other varieties that work) to make an amazing green smoothie for my dinner: Curly kale, baby spinach, oranges, strawberries, and dates. I also added some frozen pineapple, which compliments leafy greens very well. You can check out some of my green smoothie recipes here.

When you shop for groceries, buy what’s fresh, what looks the best, what’s on sale, and what’s available in bulk if applicable. Don’t go broke trying to go raw. And don’t go crazy, either. Keep your raw food diet simple and you will master it in no time. The simplest foods are the healthiest ones, anyway. Nothing beats fresh fruits and vegetables rich with nutrients, fiber, and water to keep you energized without weighing you down.

Being raw is a wonderful way to live and I urge you not to give up if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with how to do it. You CAN do this! I’ll help. Stick with me here, sign up for my email list to stay in touch, and connect with me on social media, too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Helping you is my mission. 

And, like the sign in the above photo says: “Love YOU more.” Love yourself more than any unhealthy food, drink, habit, person, or situation. You are worth it.

Yours in delicious heath,

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