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Social Media Fasting and Cleansing: Avoiding Toxic Content

Social Media Fasting and Cleansing: Avoiding Toxic Content

Well, hey, friends! Long time, no post!

I do continue to post here and there on my social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) but I pulled back quite a bit for a number of reasons. I believe, as of this writing, that my Twitter and Instagram remain on private. Hmm. Perhaps I will experiment again with making them public.

One of the reasons I scaled back from social media is that our online content consumption is a lot like our food consumption. You don’t need as much as you might think, and it’s all too easy to over-indulge in “junk food” once you get started.

Toxic social media news stories, posts, and imagery, all contribute to our overall mental state. If you wouldn’t eat chips or drink soda, then why look at or read anything online that isn’t supporting your absolute best self?

I started noticing a lot of negativity and for my own sake, I needed to pull back. I even started to see this among my friends and acquaintances. It’s like everyone was seeking out a battle, dividing, pointing fingers, and so on. This troubled me. It’s a bit heartbreaking to witness.

I feel in many ways we are becoming a culture of increased division, no forgiveness, and very little personal growth as a result. People seem determined to stay divided and grow or feed those divisions. This results in increased hatred, anxiety, stress, and an overall lack of trust and intimacy. It’s no way to live!

Now more than ever, I spend a great deal of time with my loved ones, a very tight and trusted circle of personal friends, or exercising in nature. I also work on all my projects and career passions. I am not perfect, though. Occasionally I start reading things on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook that start to pull down my mental state. But I have learned to click off, exit, delete, block, and avoid, very quickly. This is a critical life skill I feel we should ALL be practicing.

All this having been said, I also feel a strong pull to continue sharing the benefits and joys of raw vegan living. It is something I do to give back to the world we all share, to do my part, and to continue to be a humble example of a successful and thriving long-term vegan and long-term raw foodist.

There’s a lot of bizarre hype out there. And I notice there’s a trend to attack vegan or raw vegan diets. (Lucky me, I have been vegan for so long that I have seen these waves come and go pretty much all my life. I know how to weather them.) With all the conflicting and negative claims floating around, it’s extra important for people to “meet” and CONNECT with those of us who are living wonderful, healthy lives consuming nothing but plants for decades.

Raw veganism is not a trend, or a crash diet, or anything like that. In fact, I very rarely discuss my own weight loss on it because then that’s all people focus on. Fact is, there are 101 ways to lose weight. This is not just about losing weight. It is about health, happiness, and overall quality of life, for your entire lifetime.

In terms of connecting with other raw vegans, I’m also not talking about newbies who have been at it for fewer than ten years. I am talking about those of us who have been plant-based for decades. To be candid, I enjoy my private life and would be just fine living anonymously. But I also feel a strong connection to my fellow humans, and I always want to use my life to help and empower others. I love people, I love this planet we share, and I love helping or inspiring YOU to be able to adopt more of a raw plant-based lifestyle.

So, hello again!

Please do connect with me through my email list and find me on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tell me how you are doing. Tell me what you would like to learn in terms of how to succeed on a raw vegan diet. Or, just say hello!

YOU matter to ME! I very much look forward to hearing from you and connecting more.

Now, go make yourself a big green smoothie with lots of leafy greens and some sweet ripe fruits, and get going with a marvelous day!

Natalie Norman


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