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Summer Veggie Noodles PLUS Best Handheld Slicer EVER

Natalie Norman Veggie Slicer

Summer Veggie Noodles PLUS Best Handheld Slicer EVER

What you will learn:

  • The difference between a spiral slicer and a handheld tool
  • Which tool you should buy
  • Raw vegan zucchini noodle meal ideas

Ok, friends. I’ve got kitchen goodies to share with you! Pull up a seat and let’s geek out on gadgets for a moment or two. You know I love veggie noodles. As an Italian woman and former cooked pasta addict, I was elated to discover that raw noodles made out of vegetables totally satisfied me, and deliciously so!

I typically use my favorite spiral slicer machine by Paderno to make zucchini noodles (“zoodles”). Here’s a photo of yummy raw vegan pasta made with the Paderno:

Spiral Sliced Raw Food Noodles by Natalie Norman

But recently I found this handheld slicer tool by Kuhn Rikon and fell in love with it:

Natalie Norman Hand Slicer Tool for Making Vegetable Noodles

In contrast to the Paderno, the Kuhn Rikon slicer produces a different kind of noodle. They are not curly, but instead more like a long delicate julienne slice. The blade on this handheld slicer is nice and sharp, and the process of slicing up my zucchini was pretty fast. You simply hold the handle and drag the blade across the vegetable in question. Couldn’t be simpler. I’m so pleased with it!

So which one should you get?

I strongly suggest picking up BOTH the Paderno and the Kuhn Rikon. Why? Because the Paderno is more diverse and can handle larger vegetables more quickly and efficiently, but the Kuhn Rikon delivers a delicate texture unmatched by the Paderno. They’re both very inexpensive kitchen tools and would make the perfect gift for yourself or anyone in your life looking to add more fresh veggies to their diets. It’s all about diversity and choice! Makes raw vegan living more fun. At the time of this writing, the Paderno is around $30 and the Kuhn Rikon is around $10. Not bad for investing in your health.

There’s something about changing the slice and texture of vegetables and fruits. It just does something to your palate. (How very scientific my analysis is there.) Technically they’re still the same food once sliced, but they blend with other ingredients differently and the overall experience is radically changed. Think about taking a big bite of a whole, raw zucchini (I actually do that frequently) versus enjoying the zucchini delicately sliced up and tossed with fresh herbs, such as in the simple, fast, easy raw food recipe below.

Always remember to have a blast in your kitchen! (Well, not literally. Stay raw and you won’t have to worry about anything blowing up.) Try new things! Be creative. The right kitchen tools can provide that little boost to give you new options and diversify your personal menu of raw plant-based dishes.

Yours in delicious heath,



Zucchini Pasta with Citrus & Herbs


4 small zucchini peeled into strips with this handheld slicer tool by Kuhn Rikon
1 bunch of chopped cilantro, most of the stems removed
2-3 tbsp raw hemp seed
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp orange juice


Toss ingredients together and enjoy!

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