Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie

I always encourage people to “Eat the sun!” This means eating foods that give you the most energy and are linked as closely to the sun as possible. Think about fruit and raw plants in general. Energy from the sun hits plants and gets converted into energy your body can use. Why eat an animal that ate a plant when you can go directly to the source and eliminate the middle man instead?

Fruit is a wonderful way to keep your body powered-up and content without the use of artificial stimulants such as caffeine. Today I am going on a long run and the carbs from my smoothie will serve me well. Later, I will include plenty of fresh leafy greens in my diet to ensure I am achieving well-rounded nutrition including iron, calcium, and protein. 


Sunshine Smoothie


3 cups frozen pineapple
15 medjool dates, pits removed
12-16 oz of water, depending on your blender & preference


Blend in high-speed blender. Store your smoothies in glass jars with plastic lids for maximum freshness and convenience.

Yours in delicious heath,