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Super Green Kale & Mango Smoothie


Super Green Kale & Mango Smoothie


  • You don’t have to love kale to be a successful raw vegan
  • How to incorporate kale in your raw food diet
  • Quick and easy green smoothie recipe
  • Great for getting kids to eat leafy greens
  • How to store your green smoothies to keep them fresh
  • What to do with kale stems 

When I started out as a raw vegan, I couldn’t stand kale. I still don’t enjoy kale salads.

Did I just lose my raw vegan membership card by admitting that?

Sorry, guys! I just don’t enjoy chomping on plain kale very much. (Collard greens are another story; I DROOL just thinking about them.) But despite not enjoying kale salads, I love the way kale makes my body feel when I consume it. I want those nutrients and fiber, so green smoothies are a wonderful way for me to enjoy kale in a different way.

Adding fruits like banana and mango effectively disguise the kale taste and make my green smoothies taste like fruity shakes! This is another reason why green smoothies are a fantastic way to get kids to eat more leafy greens, too. My boys hear the blender and literally come running into the kitchen holding out their little cups. (So cute.)

If eating large amounts of greens scares you, just start small with 1-2 kale leaves in your smoothie. Be sure to remove the stems first. They’re bitter and don’t blend well, for the most part. As you progress on your raw food journey, you will find that your body begins to acclimate to larger volumes of leafy greens. This is a wonderful thing! Before you know it, you’ll be eating an entire bunch of kale in your smoothie with no problem.

You can save your kale stems for juicing or compost them. Some people give kale stems to their dogs (I do!) but check with your vet if you have any concerns prior to doing that.

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Super Green Kale & Mango Smoothie


8-10 large lacinato kale leaves, stems removed
3 bananas
3.5 cups water
3 cups frozen mango chunks
4-5 medjool dates, pits removed


Blend in high-powered blender & enjoy! Make sure you put the water & greens at the bottom & other ingredients added on top. Store extra in glass canning jars with plastic lids.

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