Sweet Pineapple Smoothie with Tuscan “Lacinato” Kale

Lacinato Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Happy Friday! Have you rewarded your body for all the hard work you did this week? Are you energized, hydrated and nourished for the weekend’s activities? Whether your plans are to rest and read a book, indulge in outdoor activities, or party the night away, big green smoothies will give you the consistent energy and nutrition you need.

This smoothie blends sweet pineapple, banana and dates with delicate & sweet Tuscan Kale, traditionally used in Italian cuisine and so perfect for green smoothies.


Sweet Pineapple Smoothie with Tuscan "Lacinato" Kale


8 kale leaves, stems removed
3 frozen bananas in chunks
2 cups frozen pineapple
20 small dates (or 10 medjool dates)
3 cups of water


Placing your greens, dates, and water at the bottom, blend all ingredients in your Vitamix or other high-speed blender. If your blender isn't very powerful, blend slowly and in stages until creamy consistency is achieved.

Yours in delicious heath!

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