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The easiest raw vegan chocolate dessert you will ever make.

Raw Vegan Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Tart

The easiest raw vegan chocolate dessert you will ever make.

If you’re just starting out with raw foods and come from a background of battling a sweet tooth, I encourage you to make this recipe. You’re going to love it, and once you have these kinds of easy raw food recipes under your belt, then following a raw vegan diet becomes second nature. I don’t eat these types of sweets regularly, but they are fantastic for beginners, or for special occasions.

Raw Vegan Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Tart

Adopting a raw food diet has been one of the most loving things I’ve done for myself. It’s also empowered me to fully use my life to help others beyond what I could do before. When I was mired in my own health issues, I wasn’t of much use to anyone. My life was a daily struggle in many ways. You might think going raw vegan is all about losing weight and looking better, but it’s way more than that. It’s a total transformation of the self and how we interact with the world and ourselves. It’s a big deal.

Let’s talk about loving ourselves when it comes to food choices. Do we love ourselves when we reach for a processed candy bar at the grocery store? The answer is: Kind of. It’s just an action done in an attempt to satisfy basic human needs. We are seeking comfort in those moments, and our brains become hardwired to reach for the fastest source of dense calories. Read The Pleasure Trap for more interesting insights on how this works. SO, it’s not the reaching for the candy bar that is in itself problematic. We just need to gently retrain ourselves to reach for a healthier alternative. Don’t ever beat yourself up! Just employ new strategies and you will change over time.

Overcoming bad eating habits has been the biggest gift of freedom I’ve ever felt! Looks are secondary to the feeling of being free, healthy, strong and happy. Giving yourself that freedom is a powerful way you can love yourself, and then turn around and share your most important gifts with the world. Yes, it all starts with what is on the end of your fork!

Raw Vegan Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Tart

Sometimes you just want chocolate. And you want it sweet, and gooey, and RIGHT NOW. It can feel hard to just stop eating chocolate treats all at once, which makes raw vegan alternatives such a wonderful way to transition.

Raw Vegan Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Tart

Enjoy the recipe for this chocolate tart as a healthier choice than traditional packaged candies!

Love always,

Natalie Norman


Raw Vegan Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Tart

Yield: 1-2 servings


Chocolate Tart Ingredients

8 large medjool dates, pits removed
1/2 cup raw coconut crystal sugar
1.5 tbsp raw pecan/cashew butter (raw almond butter may be substituted)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1/2 cup raw cacao nibs

Sugar Crust Ingredients

1 tbsp coconut crystal sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon


If the medjool dates are really hard, soak them in a cup of water for 30min to an hour to soften them for blending. Just make sure you pour off the water and pat them dry on a paper towel before using them, otherwise your tart might be too runny.

Blend tart ingredients in a food processor fitted with an "S" blade until a thick, sticky mixture results. It should be dry enough so that you can roll a spoonful of it into a ball with your hands.

In a heart-shaped tart pan with removable bottom, sprinkle your sugar crust mixture at the bottom, then press in the tart ingredients. Chill in your freezer for about 20-30 minutes or until firm. Pop out the tart and enjoy!

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