Tips for Traveling: Overcoming Jetlag


After you’ve been traveling, you might find yourself feeling bloated, fatigued, and as though your immune system has been somewhat depressed. Once you get home, JUICE if you can. I have more than one juicer, but this Breville is what gets used most often in my home.

Juicing will help replenish nutrients, hydrate, and cleanse you. Adding ingredients such as lemon and celery will help with bloat, too!

After juicing this, I also strained even further it into a pitcher using a nut milk bag, which is an inexpensive kitchen accessory I recommend picking up.

NOTE: It is not necessary to take that extra step of straining juice through a nut milk bag. It’s simply a matter of texture and preference to remove as much pulp as possible in order to make the juice as easy to digest as possible. Most people do NOT go through that step. They just rely on the strainer built into their juicers, which is totally fine.

Now get juicin’!!!


Green Juice for Overcoming Jetlag


3 Meyer lemons
1 bunch of kale
2 small apples
1 head of celery
1 English cucumber


Yours in delicious heath,

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