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Two Important Things I Want You to Do


Two important things I want you to do: 

1) Keep your environment (home/work/school) filled with fresh fruit. That way, you’ll never need to reach for something processed and unhealthy. You’ll also stay energized, hydrated and cleansed.

2) Rethink what a normal amount of produce looks like. Don’t buy 4 apples. Buy 14. Eat them whole, slice and add cinnamon for a snack, add one to your green juice recipe, or use in a smoothie.

Get used to SEEING fruit wherever you are. If your counter tops aren’t filled with fruit, a little red flag should go off telling you “I’m out of food! I’m out of food!”

You can also stock up on bags of frozen fruit so that you always have fruit handy for smoothies. Frozen fruit adds a wonderful texture to them.

Yours in delicious heath!


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