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Why Being Vegetarian Wasn’t Enough to Lose Weight and Get Healthy


Why Being Vegetarian Wasn’t Enough to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

In this photo, you can see me on a cooked vegetarian diet compared to a raw vegan diet. A few years have passed (just a few) and I’m looking and feeling stronger and healthier today than ever before thanks to raw food.

I went vegan at age 14 for ethical purposes but never could seem to master it as a robust and healthy lifestyle. As the years passed, I was eating way too many cooked grains such as pasta, bread, and rice, fried and processed fake meats, oils, stir-fry, and more. I also had a sweet tooth and couldn’t be around things like cookies, cakes, or chocolates. Once I started eating such things, it felt like I couldn’t stop. My energy wasn’t high, I battled weight gain, was addicted to coffee, and felt no better than before going vegan.

It didn’t help that I grew up in a time and place where veganism was widely mocked and unsupported. I also had no idea how to thrive on a plant-based lifestyle. So I waffled over the years and added dairy and eggs back into my diet for periods of time before returning to being a struggling vegan. It was frustrating.

Always Hungry

I often felt insatiable hunger because I wasn’t obtaining the nutrients my active body so desperately needed. I would go for a 5-mile run then eat vegetarian Chinese food until my gut was stuffed. I thought there was just something wrong with my hunger’s “off switch.” Why was I so physically active yet still a size 14 most of the time? Granted, I am about 5’11” and have a large frame, but I was still carrying too much weight.


Turns out, there was nothing wrong with me. No innate defect. I was just eating the wrong foods, so my body kept asking for the right ones, hence the unyielding appetite.

The good news is – Once you start feeding your body properly, over time your appetite will self-regulate beautifully! Overeating will become a distant memory and you will finally find your natural off-switch, turning off your hunger at the perfect time, as nature designed. raw plants are so packed with nutrition, fiber, and water that you feel full and energized.

Finally Finding Ultimate Health and Freedom

What I love so much about being on raw foods is that it has slowly but surely healed me on many levels, both physically and emotionally. Unhealthy food is not my friend, my confidante, my toxic relationship. It’s not my fun, my focus, my party. It’s not part of my life. It doesn’t serve me and I do not crave it. Ever.

The best part of a raw food lifestyle is the FREEDOM from that crazy merry-go-round. There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone if you feel addicted to eating certain cooked foods. IT’S THE FOOD that’s the problem. Not you.

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Yours in delicious heath,


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