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Would you eat a bowl of this for breakfast?


People tend to think they eat a wide variety of foods on the standard American diet, when in reality they’re repeatedly eating the same unhealthy ingredients merely presented in different ways. They worry that if they adopt a vegan, plant-based, whole food raw diet then their lives will become boring. Wrong!

It’s time to examine this issue from a new perspective. What are most people really eating on a daily basis?

From the time we were kids, we’ve all been brainwashed into eating the same foods repeatedly – foods that have ZERO taste and provide inferior nutrition. Examples: Flour, raw chicken, vegetable oil, raw eggs…none of these things are in any way appetizing if you think about it. Yet they form the basis of a staggering amount of the foods most Americans eat daily.

So now let’s talk about refined wheat flour. Bleached, heat-treated, chlorinated, and otherwise abused, flour is far from an ideal food. Yet Americans pound it down constantly in endless varieties of what’s basically all the same underlying ingredient. Sure, you can mix it with other things like cheese, eggs, butter, cream, and deep fry it in oil or bake it to a crisp.(Yikes.) But ultimately you are eating a lump of cooked flour as the centerpiece of your meal. And most often, you’re mixing it with other ingredients that are similarly unhealthy.

Lacking adequate fiber, water, and nutrients (aside from the vitamins added back into it after processing), refined wheat flour in your body is a gummy, dead product that weighs you down. Likewise, because it’s been stripped of the high water and intact fiber you’d find in raw fruits and vegetables, it is VERY easy to overeat flour-based foods.

Yes, there is science behind why you can’t stop eating bread and pasta – don’t beat yourself up. It happens because from both a nutritional and physical standpoint, nothing in flour-based foods is working to effectively trigger your appetite’s “off switch.”

Ever eat an entire loaf of fresh bread with butter and hate yourself afterward? Ever eat donuts until you feel sick? Now you know how and why these things happen so frequently.

Dump the wheat flour. You won’t miss it.

Every time you’re tempted to eat a flour-based food, just ask yourself: What is it that I really want here? A bowl of plain flour? Would I eat that? Or am I after something sweet, the energy from carbs, the comfort of something chewy. I guarantee that whatever you’re TRULY craving can be adequately satisfied by something other than flour.

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