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Yes It’s Raw Food: Easy Mediterranean-Style Quinoa

Raw Vegan Food Mediterranean Quinoa

Yes It’s Raw Food: Easy Mediterranean-Style Quinoa


  • Can you eat quinoa raw?
  • Is quinoa a grain?
  • Is quinoa gluten-free?
  • Nutritional benefits of quinoa
  • How to make an easy raw vegan quinoa meal

Quinoa is such a trendy food, isn’t it? Seems like it’s everywhere and a big go-to in the world of vegan cuisine due to its diverse culinary applications as well as its dense nutritional profile including high protein content.

Never fear, budding Raw Foodies! You can eat quinoa on a raw food diet, too. It’s actually very easy to make, and quite delicious.

Most people think quinoa is a grain, but it’s actually a pseudo-grain or “pseudo-cereal” thus tolerable for many people with gluten sensitivities. That said, it contains a protein that might be similar enough to gluten to trigger a response in people with Celiac disease. It is also sometimes cross-contaminated in processing plants, so check your source and pay attention to how quinoa affects your body. Talk to your doctor about any dietary and health concerns you might have.

Quinoa is light with a mild savory flavor. Raw quinoa recipes can be sweet or savory, though, as quinoa adapts to what is added to it. In this Mediterranean-style quinoa dish I’ve paired traditional ingredients like juicy tomatoes, basil, and peppers along with some fresh raw peas straight from my garden. The result is a light yet filling protein-packed vegan meal that’s exploding with the taste of seasonal plants.

Easy Mediterranean-Style Quinoa

This vegan quinoa recipe has everything I tend to love in any raw food meal: A wealth of plant-based nutrition, mouthwatering taste, and a satisfying texture. Plus, in true Natalie Norman Style, it’s simple to make! Recipe is below. Give it a try, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, too, for more raw vegan recipes, support, and lifestyle inspiration.

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Yes It's Raw Food: Mediterranean-Style Quinoa


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1 cup soaked white quinoa
1 cup soaked black quinoa
1 cup raw peas
1.5 cups chopped tomato of your choosing (pick what's freshest and ripest)
1 cup chopped basil
3-4 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup diced sweet mini bell peppers


Cover quinoa with water in a bowl overnight. Strain and rinse very well the next morning. Mix with remaining ingredients and enjoy!

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